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There are so many definitions of the “digital workplace” circulating these days around, as there are experts for the digital workplace. A common misconception is that a digital workstation is a finished product – ready-to-use software that can be purchased and installed. The technological aspect is undoubtedly not to be scoffed at, but a digital workplace is more of a broader concept, a vision. It is necessary to realign the internal culture as well as the operational processes and the technology with the aim of handling all processes digitally. The difficulty lies in the numerous areas that need to be adjusted. The following visual representation illustrates these different layers: a myriad of strategic priorities, business functions,

The core interest of management and management is the impact that the transformation of a job will have on the economic results. Relevant areas range from increased sales to employee productivity and product launch times to cost reductions. In comparison, the top priority for digital and HR teams would rather be the communication channels and the improved interaction of the company’s employees.

From the point of view of employee experience, there is another piece of the puzzle: a digital workplace should be the virtual counterpart to the physical workplace. This plays an important role in the context of employee retention and engagement and also improves their way of working. A key driver is the location-independent work of the employee. The employee should be able to take part in a meeting virtually. Every now and then, employees should even be able to participate in coffee gossip via social networks such as Yammer or Slack. These new interaction options help to virtually completely eliminate travel and time costs. It also keeps information simple and makes it easier to disseminate. In this way, a discussion of two or three people is accessible to a much larger group of people.

The digital workplace, which acts as a “digital hub,” also offers a disruptive approach, which enables business processes to be rethought from scratch. Traditional processes often focus on the non-digital world. In return, digitization offers you the opportunity to redesign processes. This means that middlemen can be removed, administrative tasks can be eliminated without added value, and overall efficiency can be increased. These become automated workflows and integrations that move information and tasks between people and systems ( CRM, ERP, etc.) and create real-time analyzes. The effectiveness of processes is tracked and continuously optimized.

If we translate all of these business expectations into a technological framework, the digital workplace can obviously range from business process management (BPM), case management, and content collaboration to unified communication and intranet functionality. At this point, it becomes clear that there is not a single platform – not even a large platform like Office 365 – that can cover the entire spectrum of a digital workplace. At this point, it should also be mentioned that important aspects such as security and compliance, as well as the avoidance of shadow IT, are even disregarded.


Although the digital workplace is largely technology-dependent, there is no single formula or a single product that fully captures the digital vision of the workplace. All areas of an organization are affected, and it must be determined which tools meet the different requirements of your company, how processes are implemented in digital formats, how functionalities will interact, and which user experience convinces the employees.

For more than 30 years Satellite Office has been supporting companies from the sectors of aerospace, defense, energy & environment, finance, life sciences, manufacturing, and telecommunications, as well as the public sector in the transformation and leading them to digital and operational excellence.

As Satellite Office evolved from a provider of language services and content management to a company with extensive digital know-how, Satellite Office was able to consolidate and expand our ability to provide our customers with tailored solutions to deal with their content marketing and operational challenges.

Satellite Office offer includes services in the areas of strategy, consulting, technology, system integration as well as operation and maintenance for all central business processes.


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