Schindler Parent Is One Of The Most Popular Marketing Agencies

We work to increase your sales. We turn your communication needs to apply the best solutions where you need them. We turn your communication needs to apply the best solutions where you need them.

Your 360º Online Marketing agency

What do we offer?

  • Relationships with communication media.
  • Information writing and distribution
  • Interviews and reports.
  • International, national and local media.
  • Speaking opportunities.
  • Tribunes of opinion.

Do you have a communication strategy? Does your corporate identity reflect who you really are? Are you present on the internet and in Social Networks? Does the design of your products reflect the values ​​of your brand? Do you take advantage of audiovisual media to better present your values? Do you know how to manage communication in a crisis situation?

Renewed or die

Communication is changing, and we want to take full advantage of it to provide our customers with the best solutions and the best results. However, there is something that must always remain intact, and it is the know-how and care for details.

Online advertising

Get customers quickly for your business, and we help you create a communication strategy to capture potential leads.

Social media

We create and efficiently manage your profiles in social networks, and design online marketing strategies to attract customers, strengthen the brand image, customer service.

Web design

Web Design, we design and program the web page you need and update and optimize it for SEO and SEM positioning.

  • Product’s release.
  • Multimedia production
  • Brand design, product packaging, events.

Mobile apps

Native custom applications for Android and IOs.

SEO & ASO Positioning

Natural positioning in search engines: Because if they do not see you, it is that you do not exist.

Content Marketing

We analyze your environment and design with your strategies and creative actions, loaded with ingenuity. We create Quality Content focused on positioning you in the top positions of search engines.

Multimedia production

Multimedia production of advertising videos, reports, TV shows, We combine knowledge, technology, and creativity — advertising spots and corporate videos, graphics, Web TV, motion graphics, 2D and 3D animation.

Training and Coaching

One of the services with the greatest added value that we offer to our clients is specialized and tailored training in communication and marketing.

Research and market studies

We propose tools that improve management and quality. We help you make decisions: social research, market research.

Promotional events

We dive into your organization until you know your goals, ideas, and emotions so that those attending your events can feel them.

Fairs and congresses

Schindler Parent offer global service,  from the conception of the fair, in search of locations and space management, control of assemblies and disassembly, contracting of services, press and advertising campaign, design of graphics and advertising material, and report of results.

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